Who am I ?

I am the best cryptocurrency Discord Assistant out there.

What are my commands ?

!all [coin(s)] : Get the value of the coin on all exchanges it's listed on !bnc [coin(s)] : Get the value of the coin on Binance !fnx [coin(s)] : Get the value of the coin on Bitfinex !trex [coin(s)] : Get the value of the coin on Bittrex !top : Get the highest gain and loss of the coins !order [price][% win][% lose] : To estimate a win/loss trade Example : !order 750 5 10 !event [coin] : Retrieve the incoming events. Adding a coin is optional Example : !event | !event eth !convert [coin][quantity] : To convert the coin value in BTC/USD Example : !convert eth 10.245 !balance [coin] [Address] NOTE: Only BTC and ETH (with ERC20 tokens) are supported yet. Example : !balance eth 0x670B7A9497f79Ef57BbFFFB553d979E7aD225344 !balance token 0x670b7a9497f79ef57bbfffb553d979e7ad225344 !balance btc 1jc3V3T5mefuD9asa7en976NKVGssQuMq

What are my features ?

How can you add me to your server ?

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