Crypto News Outlet

Koinbot will deliver all the news and events about a specific coin or general informations automatically.

One Bot to rule them All

All your favorite coins data is stored in a database to ensure you have the latest data available in the world.

Lightning Fast

Thanks to its caching technology, Koinbot is lightning fast and will deliver what you want instantly.

Lightning Fast Data just when you need it.

Thanks to its caching system. All your coins data is immediately available when you type the command you want. The data is refreshed every 15 minutes to maximize efficiency and reliability.

Side Tools

Because a trader likes to have all the tools available at reach, Koinbot includes awesome tools like a position calculator, an alert system and an automatic news anchor.

Why Choose Koinbot ?

Koinbot is a bot that include all your favorites tools in one single place.

  • Exchanges Data (Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex and more to come)
  • Mini command to have simple and easy to read data.
  • Fast and beautiful
  • Coinmarketcal Integration
  • Trading tools
  • Still under development to bring new features

Koinbot Premium Features

If you want to push Koinbots utility to its maximum.

Crypto News Package

  • News from several sources (medium, reddit,,etc...)
  • CoinmarketCal Hot events
  • Tether Printer and Sender
  • Easy setup
$15 / month / discord server Coming Soon

Pricing Alerts

  • Set up custom alerts
  • If a coins price meets your conditions you'll be alerted
  • Alerts sent in your private messages
  • Easy Set up with a single command
$5 / month / user Coming Soon